Important Update – Navitas & Flywire

Navitas has partnered with Flywire to make international payments easier for students. Students and their families can securely make a payment from the safety and convenience of their own home, in their local currency and with the best exchange rates.   

Flywire also allows them to track the progress of their payment and offers 24/7 multilingual support. Flywire is already used by many of our colleges and campuses, and we are introducing for others over the next month. 


Curtin College, Curtin Singapore, Deakin College, Edith Cowan College, Eynesbury, Griffith College, La Trobe College, La Trobe University Sydney Campus, SAIBT, Western Sydney University City Campus, SIBT, Western Sydney University International College, Hawthorne English, Navitas English, Taylors College Sydney, ACAP, SAE 

North America :
FIC, ICM, TMUIC, WLIC, UMB GSSP, Queens College , SAE (Canada and USA)


Offer Holders & New Applications

Students who have received a Letter of Offer to commence studies with one of the above colleges will be receive an email with new payment information once Flywire is launched. In the meantime, they can continue to use the payment options on their original Letter of Offer. For any new applications received after the launch dates, all Letters of Offer and invoices will contain the details of the new Flywire payment options. 

Benefits of Flywire

Supporting 140+ currencies across 240 countries and territories, Flywire’s flexible online payment options include secure bank transfers, card payments, and alternative payment methods such as Alipay, WeChat Pay and PayPal.  

Some of the key benefits include:  

  • Students can pay with local currency from almost any country in the world – Flywire supports 140+ currencies across 240 countries and territories.  
  • Flexible online payment options include secure bank transfers, card payments, and alternative payment methods such as Alipay, WeChat Pay and PayPal.  
  • Dedicated Agent Platform where you can track payments, refunds and download payment receipts.  
  • Flywire offers a Best Price Guarantee where they will match exchange rates if a student finds a better price at their bank.  
  • Around-the-clock multilingual customer support via live chat, email, phone and WeChat for Chinese students. See  
  • Navitas easily identifies payments for quicker processing to student accounts.  
  • Students get quicker access to their tuition fee receipt to support their student visa application.  
  • Students will receive SMS or email notifications each step of the way, including a confirmation when their payment has been delivered to Navitas.  
  • Flywire is secure and fully compliant with regulatory requirements to ensure funds are safe and payer’s information is secure. 

How to Access Flywire

To access the Flywire Agent Solution and send payment requests for Navitas students, sign up here and follow the steps below:  

1. Create user and password  

2. Activate your account via the activation link that has been sent to your email address  

3. The Flywire Education Agent team will arrange training and onboarding 

The Flywire Agent Solution makes it easier for you to manage student information, automatically remind students when their payments are due, and track their payments to institutions.  

 Click to see a demonstration video of the Agent Solution in English and Chinese