New scholarships and early payment discounts for May 2024 intake

The UK university sector is facing increasing challenges in the international market arena. In response to these challenges and to support our prospective students as they seek to gain a quality UK education, we have created a new scholarships and incentive offer which aims to make our course portfolio more accessible for our May ’24 intake.

Coventry University and Coventry University London

  • £3,000 International Postgraduate VC Scholarship and £2,000 Early Payment Discount
  • £3,000 International Undergraduate VC Scholarship (£1,000 per year) and £2,000 Early Payment Discount
  • Top-ups eligible for a £1,000 Undergraduate VC Scholarship, and £2,000 Early Payment Discount
  • All agents will receive an additional £500 for every student successfully enrolled in our May ‘24 intake

Scholarship overview

For May ’24 intake we have a number of new prestigious scholarship and incentive schemes. Open to all applicants who pay an international fee, postgraduate applicants can receive £5,000 in scholarships/discounts and undergraduate applicants can receive £5,000 in scholarships/discounts (when spread across all three years). Undergraduate top-ups can receive £3,000 in scholarships/discounts. These are all subject to an early deposit payment and credibility interview (if applicable). Additional incentives include discounts for direct applicants and some limited agent scholarships.

All these incentives can be used together but they cannot be applied to our CU Group undergraduate degree or IPP portfolio. Applicants currently eligible for an EU bursary are also excluded. All scholarships/early payment discounts are conditional on enrolment and apply to full-time on-campus courses only.

Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarships

Postgraduate taught full-time – £3,000

Undergraduate full-time – £3,000 (£1,000 per year). Top-ups maximum of £1,000.

Early Payment Discount

Undergraduate and postgraduate – applicants can receive an additional £2,000 early payment discount, once applicants have successfully completed a credibility interview (if applicable), and paid their deposit as outlined in their offer letter. Funds paid will need to be cleared and received within our accounts by Monday 8 April 2024 for Coventry University and Monday 15 April 2024 for Coventry University London Campus.

Please note that a £4,000 deposit must be cleared and received within our accounts before applicants can complete their credibility interview, which is a condition of the Early Payment Discount offer.

Agent additional bonus

All agents will receive an additional £500 bonus for every student enrolled in our May ’24 intake. This payment would only be made if the student is still actively studying in their second semester.

CU Group and International Pathway (IPP) intakes

There are no changes to the current CU Group discount of £5,000 per academic year (up to three years).

There are no changes to the current IPP discount of £3,000 for the initial academic year.

CU Group and IPP applicants are not eligible for any of the scholarships/discounts detailed above.

Full terms and conditions for applicants will appear on our scholarship website soon.